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In The Middle Of Zombies

A road trip among the walking dead in a 3D post-apocalyptic stylized world · By Wabby's Land


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Still in development in 2020 :-)
I'm glad to tell you that the game still in development with many more features and will be distributed by an editor ! Because of that, In The Middle Of Zombie...
Version 0.4 released
More weapons, more enemies and more challenges I'm glad to share with you this huge new version of the game with a lot more gameplay (and fun too, I hope) ! Wha...
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V0.3.2 and new trailer
This last update for the version 0.3 brings a lot of fixes and improvements for vehicles and some other minor features. Here is the new video trailer on YouTube...
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V0.3.1 : Trading system
Now, you can trading resources with other survivors and for sure : there are less resources spawned in the map so take care of your congeners :-) Minor fixes...
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Version 0.3.0 released
What’s new in V0.3.0? Global game optimization (environment and scripts) New map format : smaller than previous version but much more adapted to the gameplay...
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V0.2.1 : More explosions and French translation
What's new in v.0.2.1? Localization system implemented and French translation added (more languages to come, later). Options menu in home page to switch languag...
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Version 0.2 released
I'm glad to introduce you the new version with a main new feature : car Driving ! This new feature involves a lot of gameplay changes and I hope you will enjoy...
Version 0.1 available now
I'm glad to share with you the very first release of the game. What you get now? One first playable map with features listed below : Player controls and first s...