Version 0.4 released

More weapons, more enemies and more challenges

I'm glad to share with you this huge new version of the game with a lot more gameplay (and fun too, I hope) !

What's new / Polishing and bug fixes

  • New maps with camps populated by good guys or… bad guys
  • Trading with merchant to get new weapons and ammo
  • Many more dynamic objects
  • Fence gate : now car stop zombies when closed
  • NPC enhenced : you can shoot but becomes hostil if you don't kill him
  • New Zombies counter : no more reset when loading a new map
  • NPCs and Zombies sight of view is reduced during night
  • New Player sound : weapon dry
  • New weapons : Crowbar, Hatchet, Shotgun, Crossbow, Bazooka, hand flare and smoke grenade
  • Repair skill renamed and enhanced : Tools handling (used for repairing a vehicle, cutting a metal fence...)
  • Goals system : No more needed to kill a minimum amount of zombies
  • Buildings : Zombies can hear you opening or closing a door
  • Zombies : Randomly spawned inside buildings too
  • NPCs : Zombie car hear them when approaching from behind
  • Vehicles physics : Sometimes car is blocked by too much Z : fixed
  • Faster Zombies generation (level creating is now shorter)
  • Maps terrain rebuild from scratch (with more details and more optimized)
  • Camera's height setting with the mouse wheel is back

As usual your feedback is precious so feel free to post what you want :-)

What coming next?

Save & Load system … and more !


In The Middle Of Zombies for Windows 64-Bit (V0.4.0) 190 MB
43 days ago
In The Middle Of Zombies for Linux 64-Bit (V0.4.0) 146 MB
43 days ago
In The Middle Of Zombies for Mac OS X (V0.4.0) 195 MB
43 days ago

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Nice work can't wait for saving loading tho... I feel its needed in every game

Thanks for your kind words !