Still in development in 2020 :-)

I'm glad to tell you that the game still in development with many more features and will be distributed by an editor  !

Because of that, In The Middle Of Zombies is no more available here and will be sold by the editor (more details to come).

As promised, if you have supported the development by purchasing the game here last year, you will have a free key access to the final release (planned : Q4 2020).

You have purchased the game and want to redownload ?

If you want me to send you a copy of the last release (version 0.4) of "In The Middle Of zombies", please contact me on by using the email you have used when purchasing the game and specify which platform you want (pc, mac or linux) and I'll send you it.


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thats a great game

how i can buy this ?

Thanks for your interest. Some news to come on my social networks :-)

Mail sent.

Just forgot to add which platform...Windows,please ^^

But I'm really really sad to not be able to just DL the future builds here...

Build for Windows, sended. Thank you :-)

Thank you too :)