Version 0.2 released

I'm glad to introduce you the new version with a main new feature : car Driving !

This new feature involves a lot of gameplay changes and I hope you will enjoy. Many more features to come (details in the new Roadmap on Trello here :

Version 0.2 details

  • User Interface Improvements: enhanced graphics and auto scale based on screen size
  • Mouse cursors added
  • Drive vehicles : Repair, refuel and easy drive controls (including headlights & horn commands)
  • Fences / Barrels (can be exploded in the next v0.2.1) / Rocks (redish ones only) : React to physic forces (shock or explosion) & rocks can crush zombies
  • Skills managment improved : discretion and weapon handling polished / Repair skill added
  • Zombies : Lot of behaviors improvements and now, remain displayed after "death" for a longer time
  • Resource "fuel can" added (can be exploded in the next v0.2.1)

And for sure : Many Bug Fixes!

Thanks again for your support and precious feedback.

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