V0.2.1 : More explosions and French translation

What's new in v.0.2.1?

  • Localization system implemented and French translation added (more languages to come, later). Options menu in home page to switch language
  • Poisoning risk adjusted (depending on your vitality skill, you can be poisoned when you drink some water or eat some food)
  • New shortcuts : 1,2,3 keys to switch weapon modes
  • Some barrels and fuel cans can be exploded by gun shoot, vehicle shock or other explosion.


  • In MainMenu > New Game : Quit button doesn't work in New Game screen FIXED
  • FuelCan : Player current Storage is not updated when refueling a car FIXED

What's next?

Version 0.3 is planned for release in April 2019.

This is probably the biggest update planned in the development process of this project by adding other survivors you can meet, bringing the quests system to add challenges in the game.


In The Middle Of Zombies for Windows 64-Bit (V0.2.1) 127 MB
Feb 28, 2019
In The Middle Of Zombies for Mac OS X (V0.2.1) 131 MB
Feb 28, 2019
In The Middle Of Zombies for Linux 64-Bit (V0.2.1) 103 MB
Feb 28, 2019

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