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A funny mix of Real Time Strategy and Survival games : Your goal is to manage a group of survivors against zombies.

For each session of the game, the player have to keep a certain amount of humans alive during a determined number of days.

You have to protect your base camp too. If, it's destroyed by the zombies, you lost the game.

You play sessions on a virtual gaming table with a parametric and randomly generated map.

Game features

  • Build your camp (shelter, infirmary and canteen)
  • Manage your resources and the survivors needs
  • Day and Night cycle (some actions are forbidden during night)
  • Add watch towers
  • Put different kind of traps outside your camp
  • Assign defenders in strategic places
  • Randomly generated zombies
  • Horde of zombies
  • Collecting wood
  • Search for resources (food, water, medkits, gasoline) by exploring abandoned buildings
  • Use vehicle for your researches
  • Explosives : make zombies flying away !

Try the demo for free !

For each new release the price will grow a little bit, so buy now in early access to support the development then you will have free updates until final release.

Last release (02/10/2017) : Alpha 0.8

This version prepares the game for the next updates by integrating the random positioning of abandoned buildings. In future versions, these buildings will be used for searching and collecting new resources (ammo, food...).

What's new in Alpha 0.8 :

  • New camera controls : WASD or arrow keys for moving camera - Spacebar to reset the camera position
  • Textures and 3D models enhanced
  • Adding abandoned buildings
  • Some survivors behaviors bugs fixed
  • Building : sound added
  • Some new information messages (displayed at the bottom of the screen)

Coming next : Search and collect resources

Read more about the development on wabbysland.com


The game is available for Windows (Vista and above) 32 & 64Bit. It's a standalone software, so you don't need additional library.

An OpenGL compatible graphic card is needed.

Try the free demo, if it works on your system, the full game will work too.


Some antivirus softwares may alert you when launching the game ("suspicious application" or something like that). The only reason is because it is not certified by Microsoft. There is no virus :-) Sorry for that inconvenient.


Buy Now3.50€ EUR or more

In order to download this game you must purchase it at or above the minimum price of 3.50€ EUR. You will get access to the following files:

StZ-Windows.zip 36 MB

Download demo

StZ-Demo-Windows.zip (36 MB)


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I really like the game and I hope that you keep working on it, so that it turns into a great game!

Thank you very much, I'm glad you like it. The next release is coming very soon :-)

Wabby's Land in the future this game will be Free to Play?
Seeing that far too money is unlikely will ever Free to Play.

Low price but not free and as it's mentioned in the game presentation : For each new release the price will grow a little bit, so buy now in early access to support the development then you will have free updates until final release. Thanks for your interest, I hope you enjoy the game.

By free updates till final release, does this or does it not include the final?

Including final release, for sure !

you should trying sell it on steam or try adding other payment options other then paypal

The PayPal page has a Credit Card option, seems a pretty set of options.

you mean i can use the cards without using having use my bank to sign up

Gameplay Video (Demo):