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A funny mix of Real Time Strategy and Survival games : Your goal is to manage a group of survivors against zombies.

You play sessions on a virtual 3D gaming table with a parametric and randomly generated map.

How to play

For each session of the game, the player have to keep a certain amount of humans alive during a determined number of days.

You have to protect your base camp too. If, it's destroyed by the zombies, you lost the game.
As soon as a zombie touches a survivor, it is infected and will soon turn into a living dead.

You don't direct the survivors but perform out actions and make strategic choices by clicking on the terrain tiles.

A good starting point consists to collect a lot of wood and build your barracks inside the camp. Find out where the zombies come from and install traps wisely.

In addition to the traps, only the defenders can kill the zombies, so think about placing them inside or around the camp.
Quickly, survivors will have some needs, so you have to go and look for new resources.

Game features

  • Build your camp (shelter, infirmary and canteen)
  • Manage your resources and the survivors needs
  • Day and Night cycle (some actions are forbidden during night)
  • Add watch towers
  • Put different types of traps outside your camp to stop zombies
  • Assign defenders in strategic places
  • Randomly generated zombies
  • Horde of zombies
  • Collecting wood
  • Search for resources (food, water, medkits, gasoline) by exploring abandoned buildings
  • Use vehicle for your researches
  • Explosives (limited in the demo version) : make zombies flying away !
  • Alligators in the river
  • War mode : many more zombies but you don't have to worry about your resources

Game options : two camera modes (step by step or smooth movements), soft shadows, Ambient occlusion and Music Player (default tracks are included but you can put you own MP3 files).

Concerning the free demo version

You can play forever and with all the features of the game except :

  • Each session is limited to the first day in the game,
  • The Hard and Expert levels are locked,
  • The War mode is locked,
  • You only have one charge of explosive,
  • That's all !

Basic controls

  • Camera switch : Mouse wheel or press C
  • Camera movements : WASD or arrow keys (only on the close-up view)
  • Reset Camera position : Spacebar
  • Pause game / Menu : press Esc
  • Actions : click on terrain tiles
  • F12 : Exit game

More details in the player guide, inside game.


The game is available for Windows (Vista and above) 32 & 64Bit and Linux 64Bit. It's a standalone software, so you don't need additional library.

An OpenGL compatible graphic card is needed.

Try the free demo, if it works on your system, the full game will work too.


On Windows systems, some antivirus softwares may alert you when launching the game ("suspicious application" or something like that). The only reason is because it is not certified by Microsoft. There is no virus :-) Sorry for that inconvenient.

PlatformsWindows, Linux
Release date May 28, 2017
AuthorWabby's Land
GenreStrategy, Survival
TagsReal time strategy, Zombies
Average sessionAbout a half-hour
InputsKeyboard, Mouse
LinksHomepage, Twitter


Buy Now$1.99 USD or more

In order to download this game you must purchase it at or above the minimum price of $1.99 USD. You will get access to the following files:

StZ - Windows Full Game 43 MB
StZ - Linux Full Game 56 MB
StZ-Playerguide_EN.pdf 38 kB
StZ-Guidedujoueur_FR.pdf 41 kB
StZ-PlayerGuide_JPN.pdf 148 kB
STZ-GuiaDelJugador_ES.pdf 59 kB

Download demo

StZ-Demo-Windows.zip 43 MB
StZ-Demo-Linux.tar.gz 56 MB

Development log


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I played this game. 


Deleted 3 years ago
Deleted 3 years ago

I like your site but this game has very little ammo you run out on the first day in the demo, Not much of a test....From Sojurn 

(2 edits)

In the game, you have to find more ammo, food... look at the player guide (main menu), "find more resources" section. Keep in mind, this game is about strategy, not action ;-) Thanks for your interest ! I'll make some gameplay videos, soon...

Demo  is  waaay too short  and zombies maybe  too many  for the first day?

(1 edit)

If you want to play longer, just buy the full game ;-) Concerning zombies for the first day : in some previous alpha versions, some players said the game was a bit boring because they don't understand that the first day is dedicaded to establish your defense strategy, so there's many more zombies now. But maybe, you're right and this amount needs to be asjusted a little bit. I'll wait for other comments to confirm that. Anyway, thanks for your interesting !

Why have a demo if you cant test it? I wont buy it if it looks like it s impossible to beat. I have to work with 12 ammo on the first day, and there either is no second day in the demo, or I always die (Because even if you manage to gather some ammo, its not enough with the hordes of zombies). Doesnt feel very thought through tbh.

Because this a 3D game with many calculations (the behavior of each survivor and zombie is automaticly and individualy managed by the game), the demo is mainly used to test the game performances on your system before buying it. Anyway, I'm really surprised that you only have 12 ammo ! In the normal mode, you always have more than 80 ammo to begin (between 80 and 100 ammo to be more precise.)...

Will this be available on mac?

Only Windows and Linux, sorry.

The first gameplay video in French :-)

Deleted 3 years ago
Deleted 3 years ago
Deleted 3 years ago
Deleted 3 years ago

There is a complete white board, no map or terrain is loading up, but options are visible. i have inbuilt Intel GPU 1GB and 8GB RAM, Core i3 processor. Please help me.

Did you try to update your graphic card driver ?

Hi Wabby.

First off , interesting game and thank you for supporting Linux.

I do have a few issues with my survivors being killed very easy when they go scavenging for supplies. Some die from the touch of a single zombie , others poke several zombies and walk back to base. Could you implement a health bar or mechanism for survivors to fight/flee ?

I hope I am not missing anything obvious.

(1 edit) (+1)

Hello razing32 and thanks for your interest !
In general, as soon as a survivor is hitten by a zombie, he becomes infected... and dies. Only "Defenders" can fight against Z (by shooting them), the other survivors always flee if they're too close to a Z. When collecting supplies, if you don't use the pickup, your "explorers" are vulnerable and zombies can infect them when they are inside a building. So sending some "Defenders" beside the explorated building or using the pickup is a good idea :-) Anyway, because the game is not yet finished, I'm always looking for bugs, thanks for your post... I will analyze the behavior of explorers.

Glad to see that there are still people using python for game development.


Bought the game after trying the demo. Played my first game and they all had some sad face or something and then the survivors wouldn't do anything at all. How do I fix this?!

Read the player guide, the "Inside the camp" section to understand more. This is not a bug, only a bad luck game :-) The difficulty parameters are adjusted in each releases.

Ok, I get that. I have another question, since I have survivors just sitting there by the stock pile, is there at least a way to get more? If not, is there a way to get the idle ones to be useful?

I really don't understand this game or what I'm supposed to do, but I won somehow.... I don't get why I can't make more survivors or go beyond the camp. I also don't get why they stop doing stuff. I bought the game so I guess I'll wait for futher developement.

Hello, in Survive the Zombies you don't direct the survivors but perform out actions and make strategic choices by clicking on the terrain tiles.
With the new Alpha 0.9 version, the player guide is updated too. I hope it helps to understand the game better.

how i can get updates?

When a new version is released, you have to download and extract it on your computer. There is no auto update system in the game.

I really like the game and I hope that you keep working on it, so that it turns into a great game!

Thank you very much, I'm glad you like it. The next release is coming very soon :-)

Wabby's Land in the future this game will be Free to Play?
Seeing that far too money is unlikely will ever Free to Play.

Low price but not free and as it's mentioned in the game presentation : For each new release the price will grow a little bit, so buy now in early access to support the development then you will have free updates until final release. Thanks for your interest, I hope you enjoy the game.

By free updates till final release, does this or does it not include the final?

Including final release, for sure !

you should trying sell it on steam or try adding other payment options other then paypal

The PayPal page has a Credit Card option, seems a pretty set of options.

you mean i can use the cards without using having use my bank to sign up

Hello Dark3063, now you can buy the game by credit card :-)

this might seem odd but i don't own a credit card because i was always taught to never barrow money

Gameplay Video (Demo):